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Traffic Exchanges

If I had a dollar for every snake oil selling guru who turned their nose up at Traffic Exchanges, I’d be living more than comfortably. These people will confidently state that Traffic Exchanges don’t work and then try and sell you their magical push-button traffic generating software that generates nothing but cash in their bank balance.

The truth is that traffic exchanges do work when used properly. You simply can’t grab an affiliate page, put it on a traffic exchange and wait for the cash to roll in. there’s a strategy involved and that strategy involves 2 parts

1) Creating awareness – much like billboard advertising does.
2) Converting that awareness into a subscriber/follower and ultimately a customer.

It is important to realise that the conversion may not happen on the same channel that creates the awareness. Therefore, it is really important to keep your advertisements consistent in message and consistently visible.

The key is consistency and persistence, with a long term plan to generate as much hands-free traffic as possible.

This doesn’t happen overnight, but if you follow the Traffic Hoopla formula,you will find that traffic exchanges generate loads of viral traffic. When you refer others to use specific traffic exchanges, you will earn traffic according to the number of pages that your referrals surf.

What you want to do is recommend Traffic Hoopla on your back end to your subscribers.
The Hoopla websites all have viral traffic generators, the most notable being TE Hoopla and List Hoopla. As your Traffic Hoopla network grows, so too will your traffic generating network. IT is a critical but often overlooked strategy in using traffic exchanges.

Banners, text ads & other advertising mediums.

Most traffic exchanges will allow you to use banners and text ads as additional advertising channels. Experience says that advertising campaigns that are consistent across all three channels are more successful than ad hoc campaigns. Some exchanges will grant you some banner and text ad credits when you sign up, others will gift you some as you surf. Many promo codes will give you additional credits in these areas. Sometimes you can swap full-page views for banner ads.


One of the great misconceptions about advertising tracking with traffic exchanges is that you track the number of visitors. Where you will get the most value in tracking is by tracking conversions or actions. Some of the tracking software out there is pretty intimidating.

Leads Leap’s tracking system is second to none. You can drill down as far as you like to find which squeeze pages, banners and text ads are working.

Recommended actions

  1. Assess how much time and/or money you want to spend earning traffic on traffic exchanges per day.

  2. Focus on working the traffic exchanges recommended by TE Hoopla in Traffic Hoopla

  3. Advertise pages that will get prospects to opt in to your mailing list

  4. Use your free List Management system to recommend Traffic Hoopla

  5. Be consistent in your advertising. Use every medium available to you.

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